Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain applications demand an extremely sound planning. The success of any solution goes far beyond the smart contract code. In fact, writing and testing the contract is one of the last steps. Specialists can see the whole picture: ease of use, responsiveness, vulnerabilities, performance, cost, availability. Blockchain engineers are also able to design training programs and instruct developers.

Web3 Full-Stack Developer

My toolset includes:

  • Node for CLI frontends
  • React for browser frontends
  • Subgraphs / GraphQL for querying blockchains
  • Solidity for smart contracts
  • Hardhat IDE for testing

Senior Solidity Developer

One thing is to master Solidity and write functional contracts. Another completely different skill is to understand the inner workings of the EVM, and how to analyze and optimize code from a low-level perspective. Senior developers understand assembly, transaction’s raw data, op-codes, hash structures, while staying up-to-date with the technology’s best practices.

Social Media

I value my privacy and I have a very small presence on social media. Other than a straight-forward LinkedIn profile, I got no Facebook, Instagram, or StackOverflow. Maybe a pseudonym Twitter… and a GitHub which was used only for the “Mastering Ethereum” book contribution.

If you are looking to hire, please send me an e-mail to tell me about the job and you are looking for. I will answer back telling you if I am interested, and mostly important, if I’d be able to do a great job. Then we can move from there, sounds good?


If you need confidentiality, use my PGP Public Key (fingerprint: 0A65 5D49 7DA6 DCA4 C724 405E 7F71 C149 7695 113A)

And here’s a cryptographic reference

Cover Feature: Education & Entrepreneurship

Just to show off.

“IstoÉ Dinheiro” magazine, 2015